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I know what you are thinking: Apey is acually posting in Live Journal? I'm just full of surprises. Well I'm going to call around to the salvage yards to see if I can sell the clown car :-( It is a sad day. My friends and I are planning a memorial service next week to celebrate the life of my good little car. No it is more than just a car...it is a piece of history, a great ride and a friend. I will never forget all the great times we share. My first drive, parking by Teffy in the Hale parking lot and picking up Sawah from school to grab a Sonic ocean water. Take a moment of silent to reflect on your good times with the clown car......................................................thank you. If you need any sort of help getting through all of the emotions feel free to call me to work through the pain. Thanks again for all of you who made the clown cars life worth living.
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oh no! it died??? what are you going to do??!?!

we need to have a memorial plaque made for the clown car and the smurf mobile. they will be together now in a happy car...er.....place....with the powder blue mobile and the neopalitan pimp cruiser.
**sigh** Memoriiiiiiiiiies....like the corner of my miiiiiiiiiiiiiind.

The clown car was a good friend. Sure, it was tiny, muliti-colored at one point, and had a hamster wheel in the engine to power it, but it got us where we wanted to go. I will always remember folding myself up to fit in the backseat and watching Apey try to shift and talk and change radio stations and eat Bueno all at the same time.

Goodnight, sweet clown car. May flights of angels sing thee to they rest.