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APEY's Random Thoughts:
Ok first of all, Karon- what's up with your little review of the movie? Apparently you had some major problems. Well I loved it! And I didnt read any of the books and I understood it just fine. It would have been boring and hella long if they would have explained every little detial. And Draco was the little girl in this movie, not Harry. Hermione and the hipagriff could have kicked Draco's wussy ass. Not to sound like a perv, but Harry was looking good...and the hippy Weasley twins werent so bad either :-)
From the very beginning I knew it was a different kind of Harry Potter movie. I'm acually kind of glad that they didnt show a lot of Dumbuldore, because it just made me said about Mr. Harris :-( I loved the ending because it brought everything together. I do not like the dementors though...those guys are creepy. (There was a kid beside me at the theater dressed as one and I was like 'you are strange kid')
I cant believe Sirus is a good guy! I didnt see that coming at all!!! And Scabbers as Peter Petugrew? Woah! I kind of fell in love with the nerdy Lupin. He was a sweet little werewolf and I thought he was very misunderstood. I was sad when he had to leave at the end. The whole back in time thing was cool too. I was wondering how Herimone was popping up out of nowhere.
I really wish Hermione and Ron would kiss and get it over with. I dont want them to be together cause he is my little Ron but they know they want to.
I liked it how Harrry got all pissed. He yelled a lot :-) And Snape was extra mean in this one. But Harry shouldnt have blasted him like that at the end. Poor Snapey! Oh no Lucious? I was kind of hoping for Draco's dad to be in this one.
Well I'm there is a lot of stuff I'm leaving out but I'm sure my Teffy or Sarah will talk to me about it later.
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